To the boy

There is a boy I had once known

Who was always quiet and always alone

He never had friends and never would talk

He always kept his head down when he would walk


I never spoke to him or tried to be his friend

But I somehow knew he had scars to mend

So maybe “known” is not the word that should be used

Because “knowing” and “know of” must not be confused


Sometimes I wonder about him even though it’s been years

What was the reason behind his unshed tears

Why was it that he always seemed down

What was the cause of his constant frown


Years later I wish I had at least flashed him a smile

Or even offered him a simple ” hello” once in a while

Too dumb and stupid I was back then

The naivity that comes from being a grade 10


So to the boy who always covered his face

Just know I wish that I had given you just one embrace

You are still thought about to this day

And wherever you are, I hope you are okay


One thought on “To the boy

  1. I like your use of rhyme. rhyme is a funny thing, it’s like sugar in your morning coffee or afternoon tea. Balance is paramount, i think you pulled it off here with the subject matter.

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