City Muse #4: Madison

City Muse #4:  Madison

Frannie Z


  1. Rocky’s


The produce arrived late.

It had to go on the salad bar.

I pushed it through the grinder

at breakfinger speed.

It nipped one joint.

The manager fainted at the blood.


  1. The Coop


My cohabitant shocked me

out of bed

on a cold winter morning

so he could march me

through the woods,

Marine style,

to yell at me

for being too sad

much of the time.


  1. Off but not off work


The phone company

reprimanded us

for talking about clients

in our spare time,

on the bus.


  1. A Very Un-nice Man



He pushed in a card.

Fake valentine.


I was supposed to read it

when I handed in phone



I looked at it, looked at him,

tore it up.


Naughty, naughty.



  1. The Wind


-25. Wind chill -60.

Colder off the lakes.



  1. In Spite of Everything


Still in my heart.


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