Subway to El on the “2” Train: 1976

Subway to El on the “2” Train: 1976

Frannie Z


You’re just riding, but well,

you’re twenty-something

and looking, too…


He is tall, velvet dark tan,

black eyes, ,

killer smile…


And the hat.


The hat tops everything.


Unselfconsciously he stares,

you stare back.

He grins. You grin back


He takes the hat, spins it

(revealing a mop of dark, wavy hair).

Catches it. Grins again.


Something inside you gyrates,

like one of those new techno toys

and you want to get right up

on top of him

and dance closer

than two courting birds.


West Farms Square.

The train whirls around

spinning buildings, streets, stores,

and high flying dance kings

in discos

into view.


He gets off.


You stay on.


Pelham Parkway, meet 158th Street.

Don’t stop now.



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