Devil’s Bridge – Hour Fifteen

The devil himself is known for Stealth

An with this reputation before him

He travelled down to foil the Welsh

In the county of Ceridigion

Eager to strike a deal with anyone

He came across an old woman who dearly wished

To be able to cross the river with a bridge

Which in just moments the devil could build…

But though the woman was old

He bargained for a soul

Of the first living thing to make a crossing

Certain it would be the old woman herself

But wait – what was that she was tossing?

Was this in act of stealth

To throw over the bridge bits of bread

To be chased by her one true companion –

A loyal and lively little spaniel…

So this was the soul the devil had earned

Crossing the bridge he wished he had burned

And due to his embarrassment and shame

He vowed never to visit Ceridigion again –

To this day Devil’s Bridge stands…

Built by Satan’s own greedy hands

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