Recipe For a Solo Lockdown


  1. One accommodation, occupied solely by yourself
  2. A scattering of well-meaning friends, popped up from nowhere
  3. One long distance relationship
  4. One far-away family
  5. A mixed bag of acceptance, fear, pride and loneliness


1.Take the accommodation and stuff well with largely useless items

Bought in the mistaken belief

They might offer some relief.

2. Discard the scattering of well-meaning friends

Since you are quite used to making this alone without

Any flavour any of them lends.

3. Add a long distance relationship,

Brought swiftly to the boil by the impending apocalypse.

4. Take your far-away family and place them

At a safe distance beyond a border;

Check on them often for signs of blanching or over-heating

Which may prevent any future meeting.

5. Take your mixture of acceptance, fear and loneliness and steam slowly

Over some simmering resentment.


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