Maggie, Cat of Kepler

This was news in 2015, a planet called Kepler 452b was considered very earth-like and potentially capable of supporting life. My old cat, Maggie, who I had to leave in Rochester, NY, would love being in a weightless environment, so I let her clib abroad a satellite orbitting station.

Maggie, Cat of Kepler

She loves this weightlessness,

has learned to shoot herself around
gracefully anchoring tostrategic surfaces
to watch imaginary fish
swimming in the blackness.

Orbitting above
Kepler 452b,
Earth 2.0
an intergalactic restraining order
keeping it human-free

A ping-pong ball drifts past,

thwacking it so it bounces around the walls
she calmly ducks
to let it pass by her on its circuit
like a tiny moon.

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