Hour 4: Cressida

In my 20s

I roared

when I found out

how much I didn’t know

about the body I was born into

and the tricks of contortion

I’d learned to fit inside

assembly line boxes

made to my measurements


Who measures the men?

A hundred years before,

so reticent to end

the long suffering

of (some) women

looking to choose

and catch a deep breath

from the diaphragm


These days

deep breathing only goes so far

when so much is at risk

Are we—

the women,

the queer ones,

the boxless ones—

all some cursed Cressida?

Sentenced to float downriver

in a little boat

for jilted Troilus’ amusement

without a paddle to Roe




One thought on “Hour 4: Cressida

  1. Great word economy very efficient. I am trying to incorporate this technique into some of my writing style. Great job. snap, snap, snap. “Thick of contortions” I like this line.

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