2022 Hour 6: The one to be forgotten

To whom it may concern:

Do not spend another minute wondering whether or not I truly loved you.
Do not spend another minute sorting through my words from years ago trying to make sense of them.
Do not spend another minute of your precious life seeking out meaning from what I did to you.

I did not take care of my words. I did not pay attention. I did not take care of you.

You were enough. You were lovable. You were worthy.

You never needed me. I didn’t see you. I only saw an opportunity. I only saw your desperation to be loved. I used your fear and insecurity to shore up my own hidden insecurities. 

You have considered it enough. You reviewed it. You took what lessons you could. Now let it go. 

Do not spend another day of your life considering how you could have pleased me and made it all work out.

Free yourself. Be free in your mind and let go of hoping I would be better than I was. I might be better now, I might not. It’s none of your concern.

Forget the dream of me. Embrace your freedom.


The one whose name you no longer recite in your mind

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