“Evolution has no place in Christianity”

“Evolution has no place in Christianity.”

Oh how many times I’ve had that said to me!

But here’s the thing, stick around, you’ll see–

I’m living proof they coexist even inside a single being.

Evolution doesn’t just mean dinosaurs,

or 65 million billion years, or any other claims there are.

Evolution, by its very nature, simply means change,

and I don’t know about you, but my life has been rearranged.

Likely rearranged, changed, more times than can be counted,

but the rate at which I change shows evolving can’t be doubted.

At least not in the sense of personal growth.

I survey all my years on earth and realize I owe

so much more praise and worship to the God above, the one who holds

my life in His hands. I ask Him to illuminate my path, show me where to go.

Show me what to do, give me direction but no Rand McNally atlas.

I’m so thankful for His grace even though I know I deserve much less.

But that’s the quest – or question I guess:

Are you willing to hear and receive the answer?  Willing to accept forgiveness?

That decision alone is the difference between life or death.

The ability to make a choice is revolutionary, but I digress.

Since we can change our minds at any time it’s evolutionary at its best.

So if you ask me if evolution exists in Christianity,

I’ll say it right now,

I can guarantee,

because it’s how I like to be,

I only need agree with me,

I’ll answer unconventionally


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