Last Call

Surrending to the chaos we wait for the call.

The destination predicted to end us all.

One by one we look up towards the sky, many still questioning why.

There is no fire, nor storm, or rain just simply pain.

Cascading around us like a dance.

Finally connected in our humanness.

Neither fortune nor fame will save us from the rapture of going insane.

Bonded by one another’s thoughts.

We now see the true results of greed and envy.

The end of us all presented in the form of a child, looking down at us from a great mountain peak.

We wait patiently to hear her speak.

A hum escapes her lips as the end approaches with the flick of her wrist.

We all will evaporate into the abyss.

She smiles as the tears roll down our faces.

What if we decided to dismiss the idea of separate races?

She shook her head with dread, preparing a funeral for the dead.

What if we undo the horrors of our past and all take a sip from one cup?

She sat down and crossed her legs to move into a meditative state.

We all knew by now it was too late to negotiate.

As her eyes close our minds deteriorate.

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