Inside Out


Inside Out


I sit here in prison.



Johnny Cash playin’.

He’s right.

Sound of trains

tortures me.


It just took a few seconds.


It’s been twenty-three years.

I don’t think about it no more.


Because it also tortures me.

I felt indestructible.

A hot head got me cold time.


No one seems to care.


My so-called buddies used to come by.

Couple of them has been in and out of here.

But mostly it’s just me.


How can one drunken moment define

who I am for the rest of my life?


Well, I’ve got a surprise for you.

Yeah, you.


You’re in prison too.


Before you came here

you were able to fly on some astral plane.

The angels I found told me all about it.


Now you’re stuck in a cell like me.

And I don’t feel so bad.





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