Season of the Reckoning



Season of the Reckoning



Everything’s off rhyme

we’re stuck in syncopated time


this season of the reckoning

is echoing how sickening that

sanity’s trembling is still worsening


adrenalin assembling

both sides told they’re trespassing

disenchanting or awakening


deafening editing slides by

some who are unquestioning

but to me it is unsettling


deadening, deafening lies are enveloping

our lives but we keep on messaging

while what they’re peddling is like sentencing


we’re used to this crazy menacing

like a loaf of bread with leavening

we rise up but feel we’re second string


this skeleton of embezzling

is sickening but we’re awakening

strengthening what’s developing


together we’ll soon be reveling.






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