Mothers Growth

She gets excited with you.

They get anxious when things are not right.

They feel the sorrow that brings grey clouds.

Mothers share all these things.


She gets happy when you are happy.

They know that they are special

when you remember them on Mother’s Day.

They know when you are not at your best.

Feel bad when you are at your worst.

Mothers share all these things.


Mothers know when to speak up.

They know when to hold their breath.

Mothers know they are special.

And don’t let you forget.

Mothers know when they have it all together.


Mothers know best as they can.

Mothers are aware of their child’s stress

and let their children grow.

They allow you to become who you are today.

To allow this poem to be put down on paper.

To allow their child’s heart to smile with pride.



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