Anticipating Saturday!

Hello — I’m almost as nervous about tomorrow as I was on the day before my wedding. Hoping to turn that emotion into creative energy once the marathon starts. Also hoping to get enough sleep tonight. Such us the power of writing.

One thought on “Anticipating Saturday!

  1. I still can’t find out where to post a poem. Here is the first one.

    Being in water

    Come here the river said
    Come here
    Pretty little girl three years old
    I know you love me
    From the river bank you watch me flow downstream
    I hear you wishing you could flow like me
    Or even be part of me
    Wish no more pretty child
    It’s easy this flowing
    Here is a beautiful floating wood chip
    Blue-green your favorite color
    So easy for you to reach….There!
    Now you can flow with me
    No one saw you splash
    No one will miss you anyway
    Especially not her…or will she?
    Will she wonder?
    Will she panic? Search? Run around?
    Look over the bank?
    Too late….by then you and I will be downstream
    Out of sight
    You’ll be all mine
    Until I tire of you
    Replace your air with my own water
    Feel your body go still
    Until I let you catch on a low-hanging branch\
    For someone to find
    Someone who will carry you home
    Listen to her weep
    Her lifelong weeping
    Will end
    I will continue to flow

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