Dear Daughter

I’m sorry that you felt the way

You told me that you did

Sorry I’m a terrible mother

I don’t know why you say

You were a miserable kid

Or why you speak so badly of your brother


I always did the best I could

And still you want to blame me

Why are you always so defensive?

We should focus on the good

I love you more than anything

I don’t know why you find me so offensive


If I really did those things

Don’t you think I would remember?

You’re basically calling me a liar

You used to be so pretty

Before you cut your hair like a pretender

And covered with tattoos, you’re destined for the fire



Please accept

This apology in earnest

At the very least

I know you know

I truly deserve it

2 thoughts on “Dear Daughter

    1. This is actually a fictional letter from my mother to me. We are no contact due largely to my life of abuse that I decided “no more” on. And I’ll just say that not everyone should have children. Some people shouldn’t be parents lol

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