My alarm clock  buzzing  and telling me to wake up from a short nap and so my brain asked me, to check the next prompt for 23 hours poetry marathon.

And this bright and glaring sun rays penetrate through the bedroom window’s curtain and greeting me to a blessed morning.

The sun warm touch, gave me the energy to continue my 24 hours journey.

I could hear birds chirping and cheer me to reach the finish line of the marathon.

it was a marvelous day, when I looked out of the window, to see people up on their feet and ready for a brand new day.

Some were going to the park for an early morning walk and some to their church of worship.

Upon my waking up, it was like,

As if, I got 8 hours of deep sleep, instead of 20 minutes break from writing poems.

I was already up before the clock warn me. I made  a cup of coffee and open the window to feel the cool breeze and

Instead, I got a sun kiss from Mr. Sun.

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