Hour 23-Missing

About 4 hours ago

I started missing you

You seemed to desert me

My brain started working in mysterious ways

Not making proper connections

Not making perfect sense

I just knew you were gone

You snuck out the door

Didn’t make a sound

Left, deserted me

I know I didn’t entice you to stay

I didn’t give you reasoning

I didn’t feed you those psychological

questions you love so much

I let you leave

I didn’t try to stop you

But you and me,

We are a team,

Often estranged

I know, I admit

It’s me, not you

But we need each other

My dear, wonderful sanity

Sweet overworked friend

I hope you return in the morning

We can make a fresh start of things

We can find a way through this together.

this is only one night, a temporary setback

Don’t leave angry

Get a good night’s sleep

In the morning you will see

Everything will be fine.


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