Hour 24-Black

The view from my window

Through the reddest eyes I have known in a year

I see black,

dead of night,

2 AM.

Even the moon has grown tired.

There is no beauty

No great understanding

Not even a palm tree visible

Just black

And so we turn lights out

Another marathon done.

We steal away from our screens

Put away our dishes and spoils of war

We embrace the black

The dead of night

The end of light


3 thoughts on “Hour 24-Black

  1. “We embrace the black” is a strong comment not only for this poem but so many more life experiences. If I were reading this in a different context – not realizing you were literally finishing a marathon, I would imagine many other times in life that seemed like this strenuous process. The phrase, “Even the moon has grown tired” would emphasize that same feeling — again applying to so many other life experiences. I love the silence and stillness of this overall.

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