Letter to My Younger Self Poem 7

Dear One,

I see you reaching

For so very many things

So many dreams

Some will come true

Others will not

Some will allude you like a thief in the night

There will be cold dark days of hell

Nights of endless wonder

And many many many days of pain

You will be surprised by who you love

Who will stand by you and who will not

And the ones that will break you

You will have days of rejoicing

But it is the pain that will make you

Get up from the cold floor

Take a step and then a few more

Keep reaching as high as you can

Until your arms ache and your back breaks

And your legs quiver and quake

You will never lose more than you can

You will never achieve if you don’t get up again

You will never know love if you don’t open your heart

You cannot finish

If you are ashamed to start

So start dear one, start today

Climb every ladder and sing every song

Write every poem and love

Let your self love and be loved

Lets see how much further we can go….

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