“Do you feel confused, uprooted, at a loss-almost depressed but not quite?”

Sure always

Doesn’t everybody?

We play this game called life

You know-

Job, family, home

Creative frustration

Walking a fine line between

healthy and dead.

It’s a bad juggling act at an empty circus


Confused? Sure. No one told me

Most of what I should know

I found out the hard way

Once I figured it out

I find out I’m wrong


Been uprooted like trees after a tornado

Happened so many times

I can stand upside down


Lost? Never been found


And depression?

We dated for years

Depression is that bad relationship

That won’t give me back my key


Yes- life- good times there

Headaches, bosses

Dishes and unmatched silverware

Frolicking in laundry and car repair


Lucky I made it this far

Haven’t slit my wrists

or driven off a cliff


The body holds and the laundry piles up

Money problems and bouncing cell phones

Take your pills and water the plants

Feed the cat and mash the potatoes.

It’s all there.

Like a found wallet

You gotta look inside.

You hope for riches

You end up with dimes.



(First line taken from Finding your Way Home by Melody Beattie)



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