Parallels and Obsessions Poem 11

Robin Williams died

He killed himself

Hung himself

On that horrible date

The anniversary

Of when she did it

Years ago

When she died

She killed herself

Hung herself

At 25

Parallels obsessions

I read article

After article

Why did he do it

What brought him there

So maybe I could understand

Why she went to that place

He had it all


Make me understand Robin


She had that

She had tried before

She had gotten help

Parallels obsession

Read more

Navigate pages

Makeshift films

Lovingly drawn sketches

Read about his filmography

His comedy

She always on my mind

Her films a few pictures

Her comedy wry and brittle

Almost forgotten

Parallels obsessions

Put it to rest

Relax, let it be

Its in the past

Nothing you could do

Nothing to say

Nothing to change

What’s done is done

Parallels obsessions

He hung himself

She hung herself

I wasn’t there

I didn’t know

His choice to end it

Her choice to end it

Parallels obsessions

Rest in peace dear ones

Rest in peace

Because I will never be at peace again

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