Poem 16- I Believe in the Sky

I believe in the sky

Kernels of karma

gathering inside

Clouded mists of rain

Ideas wander

From lightening to star

From moon to space

I believe in the sky

Twirling infinity

All becomes eternal


We are small incidents

Crossing a moment in time


Yet limitless

The i becomes the I,I becomes the Eye

I believe in the sky

One thought on “Poem 16- I Believe in the Sky

  1. I love many of the metaphors such as, “I believe in the Sky and Twirling infinity.” Beautiful word choices! I would separate the stanzas for ease of reading. I like punctuation in poems as it often also makes it easier to read and can add emphasis and link lines and ideas…you may wish to add hyphens and commas to a few of the lines above. Great imagery and the repetition of “I believe in the Sky” creates beautiful beginnings, movement and closure. Great poem.

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