Good morning

To be honest

My head is underwater

It always is when I write

Like I am swimming

Drowning in thoughts

Using the breast stroke

To maneuver through

Massive amounts of momentum

Not my treasure island

More like soft moonlight

After hours

A night of drinking

Hung over with ideas

Blurbs in my brain matter

The inevitable crash or vomiting

At party’s end

Sometimes I would love

To see a word

Make it my friend

Let it go

But instead it envelopes me

A sea drowning me

Water encasing me

Filling my lungs

Like a disgruntled lover

Taking over my soul

To be honest

Cheerful mornings

Not my thing

Night is more me

Hell not even soft moonlight

I am like a cloud filled night sky

Exploding in stars

Just out of reach

Foggy and barely visible.

I hold my head, my eyes water

Still drunk

But not remembering how to be sober

Knowing these words

Are just a one night stand

Tricking me into believing

They really mean something

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