You Expect Me to What?

Fuck, are you serious?

You expect me to set a timer?

I don’t have one

Well actually I do,

On my phone but I hate doing that.

How about I just write for like five minutes,

Screw the editing,

Straight from the brain

Buku crazy stuff that makes no sense.

That is how I write most of my poetry after all.

I know, I gotta be more open minded

I guess five minutes out of my life isn’t so bad,

God knows I am giving you

Twenty four hours of my life

The least I could do is give you five minutes.

But the fifteen for editing?

That’s pretty extreme.

Oh wait, I forgot to set the timer.

Is it five minutes yet?

I have no idea, no concept of time

Ah hell, failed already.

Next prompt please?

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