Prompt Eleven: (laugh) Ol’ Pop

Bubbles on surface of water

They told us (with straight faces)
to ‘prepare for the worst’
that with too much excitement
dear Grandpa could burst

But they could not protect him
from dangerous gas
from poorly-timed hiccups
or farts in the bath

And, much like those rogue bubbles
that rose to the top
poor Grandpa was gone
with an ‘Oops! Haha!’



Photo by Jernej Graj on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Prompt Eleven: (laugh) Ol’ Pop

  1. You absolute rogue! This has echoes of Ogden Nash (I think?) but with your own clear style! Super rhythm carries us through to Grandad’s last ‘pop’ and the energy in these lines (observed and spoken) is wonderful!

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