Prompt Seven: (image prompt) Ne’er be one

Married couple on a bench on a hill

We shall meet at the mount
on the day that we wed
after all of the clamour has cleared
and with all of the good will
as wind in our sails
we shall fly on their well wishes

We shall sit on our bench
overlooking the country
and places we’ve lived all our lives
and remember each moment
that led us to this one
with nothing but love
in our eyes

We shall think of the future
we’re starting together
a journey we’ve longed to begin
imagine a family,
a future adventure,
the home that we’ll build
this dream in

Then after an hour
or two at this place
with our arms ’round each other, no doubt
We’ll return to our loved ones
who’ll see in our gazes
there’ll ne’er be one,
t’other, without.


Photo by Marc A. Sporys on Unsplash

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