The Night you wished you were Dead

The Night you wished you were Dead

Scary night – the night I called
to know if you’ve won another fight
against solitude: wrestling hard
has been the only ladder
you’ve perfected in life because
life never gave you an option.

That night, I’d have had the feelings
of birds flying in the sky above seas,
for fear I might miss you, the way
I missed the path I followed here.
(You filled her vacuum in my heart)

If not for covid-19 ban on planes,
perhaps, I’d have known that night
how planes are higher birds, but unlike
birds have no feathers and songs.

I love songs: they’ve kept me alive.
Mother, fall in love with songs.
Forget about age: how true love
could be found in a lifeless world.
You can make songs to love.
Sing them aloud. Louder. No sin.

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