My Question To Beginning And End

Note: I love both the prompts 23 and 24 of the Hour 19 … so please let me write poems on both prompts !

Prompt 23 – Rewriting Beginning and End poem with a positive vibe…**************

In the beginning there was Darkness…

In the end Light awakened Darkness from its deep slumber

In the beginning there was Infinity…

In the end there is Infinity times Infinity

In the beginning there was Negative and Positive in Equal Balance…

In the end Negative and Positive have become One Immense Power

In the beginning there was an Order to the Universal Chaos…

In the end the Chaos manifested itself into Universal Order

In the beginning there was Creation…

In the end there will still be Creation


Prompt 24 – Pick a poem by another author and then write a poem as a response to it – Here I have chosen a funny little poem by an Indian author and poet P. L. Deshpande, who was fondly called Pu.La. for short, who wrote mostly in the Marathi language which happens to be my mother tongue.┬áThe translation of the poem and my response to it is as below: ******************************

I said to the setting Sun,

“See you again Tomorrow”,

And the Sun asked me,

“Are you Sure?”,

The Sun thinks that I am too old, to see another day’s light,

But I think the Sun is older than me,

Perhaps it is he who will not make it through another night !

My Response to both the Sun and the Poet: ————-

The World needs both the Poet and the Sun,

For, if it wasn’t for the Sun, who will bathe the Poet’s mind in creative light?

And if it wasn’t for the Poet, who will glorify the Sun in verse and song?



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