Self-portrait #thepoetrymarathon #prompthournineteen

To write a self portrait I have to step back

And take a long good look at myself.

I turn to the mirror, eyes, ears, nose, check.

Two hands, two legs, a torso, quite a normal

(albeit short) human specimen. Unruly hair,

Glasses that balance on the top of the head

And often fall. Oh yes, the shorts, irreplaceable,

Since the pandemic. That is me, as far as physical

Appearances go. I like a good steak, I do not trust

In Gods, I’ve been called ‘irreverent’ and worse.

I live with my mistakes, I do not let them define me,

And I strive to be happy. I keep to myself

Most of the time, I have a few close friends, well-defined.

I enjoy my music, the company of those I love

In fact I’m quite an ordinary girl just doing my job

Of being alive. Don’t cross me though, I never

Learned to forgive. I don’t try too hard either.

Just a regular soul disguised as human.

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