Jus gotta find myself…
Its dark and I’m runnin
I feel blinded…but I’m seeing dark
I gotta get em off my back
This deceiving
Me…wonder why I never found the tree
Why I couldn’t eat
Why is it just heart ache and pain left to conceive
Does this make sense
Am I really me
I mean really who I should be
I know my basics but
Who said one plus one is really two
But then they tell you that one joined with one becomes one and not still two
Ha, I don’t know, all I know is what I know and what I know could just be wrong
Yet they tell me it’s okay to know what you don’t know…
I feel like I ain’t got time for none of this
Too many entities wasting my time…is it my time?
What really belongs to me…I have my walls and my seed
My goals and what I believe…but it just won’t let me be so I can live…
False Evidence Appearing Real…
You see four words I see one…FEAR
Not having, never making
Undone, too short
Too long, not enough, just getting to Settle Outside of my Evolution…you just happy wit getting SOME…
When I want it all
I’m still running…seeing dark
Gotta get em’ off me
Shake em’ lose
Did we come here together
I wanna new travel plan

circle 360 full…fuck it just give me my own 90

degrees…make it Fahrenheit, please..


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