21 thoughts on “Play Like a Child, Paint Like a Child- Poem #11 by Ingrid Exner Half Marathon 2021

    1. Thank you…I didn’t know whether to use irony or pun…but we as adults do tend to leash up or restrain our creativity so, the only opposite that I could think of was unrestrained or unleashed…and I love the word unleashed…it is so freeing.

  1. Yes, Ingrid, some words can be synonyms yet the use of one over the other can sometimes make a huge difference. The same with unrestrained and unleashed. When you are restrained, it is more a mental and emotional hurdle. But when you are leashed, it is a physical condition also which gives rise to mental and emotional pain. Unleashed, a freedom from imprisonment.

    1. Thank you Bhasha! This was more of a fun and playful poem for me. While I each Hatha Yoga (gentle), I also teach laughter yoga…I believe in embracing your inner child and I do it regularly! Thank your for your comment!

    1. Thanks Mark…as you know, creativity and health are the benefits of laughter, play and feeding out inner child. Thanks for your comments! This was that poem for me that I wrote very, very quickly…not thinking that it was good at the time. But, looking back now and thinking…hmm maybe my Muse did pretty well!

  2. Thanks Pea! At that point in the poem, I had a vision of a child painting with both arms covered in paint and almost embracing the paper in Delight. That’s how I write my poetry now anyways, I get flashes if images and just throw down the words 🙂 Thanks for liking this poem. I didn’t submit it but there were four that I was thinking about and this was one of them. It makes me smile every time that I read it. I still have memories of kindergarten standing in front of the paper and inspired!

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