The Rebellious Poet

Becky Beck Write On sign

(photo of Becky Beck, my birth name in Iowa…singing first and later acting and writing …now back to finishing my book project)

As a Participant in the Poetry Marathon
In just eight posts…I cannot go on

I’m a Rebellious Poet in my old age
I have gained no wisdom…I’m no sage

I’m not really a poet…I can see that now
yet, I’m hooked on Rhyming…so it’s time to bow

but before I leave…I really must say
It’s been a truly challenging day

To Further describe my inadequacies…
Here’s One more Rhyme…my apologies!


“I’m NOT an intellectual
My vocabulary’s small
I simply write my thoughts in Rhyme
I cannot ignore the CALL

Imagination…what a gift!
Corny Words grow into verse
and leave me in the clover…

where I lie and laugh out loud
at silly words I’ve written
Natural Medicine…me thinks
I know, ’cause I’ve been bitten

by the BUG…that makes me write
and resort to alliteration!
I’m a hopeless case…so never mind
I’ll continue without hesitation!

A Rebellious Poet…
shunning all the rules
ends up …going down
with the Ship of Fools!”

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