Mud Puddles

Small town.

Houses surrounded by dirt roads occasionally

sparkling with small pieces of gravel.

Tumbleweeds blowing across empty cotton fields,

Loud claps of thunder.

Flashing  furious lightening.


Rain pouring from the sky.

Kids racing outside in oversized  yellow rain boots.

splashing in ginormous rivers of still red colored water in flat ditches.

a laughter.

Dogs barking and chasing laughing children

amazed at the wonderful treat.and slight  hint of cool  refreshment.

bullfrogs long hidden filling the air in croaky hallelujahs.

Swimming to Africa across the street.

catching tadpoles while listening for the warning rattle from the grassy sides of the water.


Mothers calling from porches with icy strawberry popsicles that ran in sticky streams down mud caked faces.

Day ending i bubble  baths’ giggles, and stories.Simple pleasure

Mud puddles.




One thought on “Mud Puddles

  1. Love the many vivid images in your poem:
    ” red colored water in flat ditches”
    “strawberry popsicles that ran in sticky streams down mud caked faces”
    “Swimming to Africa across the street”

    I felt like I was splashing through puddles with you!

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