2. Not Fade Away

Ho do I dream into being

your life and your love and yourself?

Your arms they surround me in dreams, but I wake alone.

Your wife

she had so many years

I hope they were beautifully real

I envy the time she was precious

in your eyes….

the time and love I tossed aside..

in my own broken way

so long ago.

Thank you for seeing the magic

inside my very soul

Thank you for turning your love light

the way you would shine it on me

For the fire you held in your soul

open to me.

Death, abundant and foolish,

swept you away much too soon

this aching inside my of heart

just won’t leave the room.

Beyond the remains of  this yearning

this longing for what could’ve been

Your love it embraces me gently…

I feel it again.

I feel it again.






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