Hour 17 #Personal Prompt

Many faces of Envy

What form do you come in today Envy?
Your grass is greener than mine.
I bet you didn’t have to work hard for that.
everything just falls in your lap.

Envy which mask do you wear today?
I don the pretentious mask this time round.
I act like I care but I really don’t give a fuck bout you.

Envy, what form have you taken today?
Motivation – I will be a force that drives you.
Empowered you can do so much.

Envy what face do you wear today?
Toxic mask featuring social media.
Inspiring frustration, depression and resentment.

Envy what dangerous mask do you wear today?
Wishing I had what you have?
While forgetting to acknowledge
what you have been through to get to where you are.

Envy -natural, spontaneous human emotion.
The capacity to burrow into your soul.
Drive you to the ends of insanity.
Infiltrate your thoughts, words and actions.

Empower yourself not your envious thoughts.

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