2122 and 1922 Prompt Hour #4

Step Right Up! Step Right Up! Ladies and Gents.

The tour will begin soon for you lovely Ladies and Gents.

This brave new world of 2122 promises to bring you shudders of delight.

Notice the beauties!

Bobbed hair, bared knees and shoulders, lips painted just right, just right, just right, just right, but still no rights.

Oh yes, you have the vote. So go ahead and be sure to vote dear little ladies.

health care, credit, jobs, and children remain under the domain of husbands and your politicians

Yet still, vote, little ladies. Your Charleston plays on and on. . . .Step Right Up!

Sail down this river with me.

Fordland’s rubber empire has been de-rusted and polished.

Marvel at our space-age assembly in this cleared Amazon forest.

True, we don’t need to see those who live behind the factories.

After all, poverty is such an ugly plight.

All is right, right, right and humming in this tropical Brazilian night.

Sway to the beats of the Brazilian Samba as we dance through the night.

Step Right Up! Step Right Up!

What fun we’ll have as we wander into those naughty neighborhoods.

We will dance to the Darktown Strutters Ball, delight in exotic Oriental and Egyptian smokes.

indulge in all that is outlawed and expensive. Your needs are settled for today, just today.

We just clear away debris and make everything shine for you so it seems right, right, right.

Step right up, Little Ladies.

Step right up.


2 thoughts on “2122 and 1922 Prompt Hour #4

    1. Thank you, Dominique. I had fun looking up titles of songs popular in the 1920s, many we still know today. I thought about revising this with some of the lyrics, but I don’t know. I want to capture disbelief about our “progress,” but I am still perplexed by all that is happening today — far too much that is happening far too quickly. I don’t know if 100 years from now will be different.

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