Fruit Knife

Fruit Knife

So I tell her about the ripcord

this is maybe our 10th date

and I explain that it’ll disembowel a guy

like some ancient samurai shit but you could do it in a subway

and also katanas are for weebs and virgins in that order

The fruit knife is ideal

quick stabs and Pikal style

slashes that rend muscle and tear

open all the important stuff

like arteries and whatnot

She holds it in her hand

turns it over

I tell her she’s in sabre grip now

and the dudes at Libre call this other one reaper

and she looks up at me

If you ever run around on me

I will filet you to the bone with this

It’s so small you’re thinking how

but I’ll find a way, she says hugging me

So don’t ever do it

She’s scary.

One thought on “Fruit Knife

  1. I like the journey this poem takes me on as I read it. At first, it feels like just a knife enthusiast possibly boring the person he’s dating with extensive details… But then it really takes a turn & is quite chilling. Nicely done.

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