Poem 17:  A Tribute to Dorothy Parker “I Can’t Help It”


What is this burden I have pursed

I dare claim myself a victim

For I am a woman and I am forever cursed

and I shall not blame you or him


I have crawled to, in my drunken whine

for some reward, I do not know

Expecting to be a pet, how low

or planning on you to be leashed as mine


When we are little, we are told

Everything, and our puny spirits glowed

and we nodded our stupid heads

The easy path to successes beds


Oh what a colossal blunder we have been

I will certainly volunteer

and make myself scarce again

There is no loss to that, no tear


I bid you good riddance

but I fear we will meet in circumstance

and go for one of our passion rides

alas, to be carried away by the lonesome tides


I drink a toast

As I go to the coast!

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