Poem 24: A Tribute to Kaitlyn Sutey “The Cottage”

Never mine
but always the place
somewhere up north
a home, for my laughing face
The badminton net
and horseshoe pit
clearing the brush
and the Muskoka-chair to sit
The black flies and mosquitoes
never to leave
but we were never distraught
our tales to weave
The creaking dock
the weeds and snakes
remembering the eeks
and broken rakes
frying eggs
and munching hot dogs
taking snort naps
and chopping logs
Those starry nights
answered my dreams
the call of the loons
and rain in reams
Canoes and runabouts
the dingy that leaks
and replacing the window
for the raccoon peeks
More chapters to go
as I pen ideas on deck
past joys and sweat
on this memory trek

2 thoughts on “Poem 24: A Tribute to Kaitlyn Sutey “The Cottage”

  1. Impressive poem — I love the simple facts adding up to the full view of days in a place where writing and the rest of life can be done. It is hard to believe you were still so coherent and able to describe your images at the 24th hour! (“snort naps” — wow)

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