Lie down with dogs

My teensy heart was begging for attention, for a way out of this pain.
What could I say to change your mind?
Why was this happening to me?
Stepping out of victimhood was not easy. I lacked experience in how to handle this.
My brain was sadly small.

i love you so much
yet you brutalize me.

I bury myself in your hair
And still you don’t return my affection.
You don’t even acknowledge I am there.
I feel even smaller. And powerless.

To prolong our joy and leave a legacy, I lay eggs and
find human hands carrying me off to go on a scary voyage
down a torrent of water
to my torturous death.

“I miss you, Fido!“ I scream. “I will always love you.”
You don’t answer. Did you hear my cries?

So, I make a choice and dive into the waterfall seeking solace.
Oddly, drowning one’s pain seemed to awaken the fire within.

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