For the introvert, the harvest

of spoken syllables is


Go on, ask a friend

for her spare

words.  Ask your husband;

he doesn’t know how to be


Ask yourself “Is this garden really

worth it?”

I assure you, it is.  Dig down.

Friends and husbands are fine,

but your garden of thoughts can feed

the hungering world.


J. Pratt-Walter, © 8/5/2017


3 thoughts on “INFP

  1. wonderful! thank you for this …
    ‘For the introvert, the harvest/of spoken syllables is/
    meager.’ and
    ‘your garden of thoughts can feed/the hungering world.’

    yours are the final words I read before signing off tonight – and such a treasure of affirmation for a serious introvert who precisely aims to feed the hungering world with words …

  2. The harvest of spoken syllables . . . .
    You capture dreamy tenderness as well as the intentionality of wanting to contribute well. I’m an INFP/INFJ (P and J completely balanced) and nodded so many times with quite a few chuckles as I read.

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