’90s Summers in Newark (20th hour)

Summer rooftops filled with Crazy Eights

Pick 2

Pick 4

Pick 4 more

Pick-up 32 because Shorty got swoll

Smacking back sunflower seeds

Spitting David up and out to the pavement

While Wu-Tang resonates in the background so effortlessly

Arizona Iced Teas

Laffy Taffys

Nerds Candy

Want to go some play some pool, now or later?

Mastering the arts of being quick witted by hiking on each other

Sparking up another game of pick-up 32 because Shorty be bugging

Obtaining the skills of crafty fast thinking by playing chess, always staying ahead of the game

Fuck checkers, that’s for punk asses

Yo Cuz, take that deck away from Shorty

Heading downstairs to the joint

Sweeping the floors

power on the jukebox, Redman comes on…”Time 4 Sumaksion”

Sneaking cigarettes and piss water downed beer

While we hustle some old ass perverts on the pool table

Jersey kids doing what they do best

Trying to pass the time without getting caught up

Because trouble round the block

And Shorty ain’t here no more

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