To Broodily go (17th Hour)

I want to lay my head on the grass and have mother envelope me

Grow above and over me

t Swallow me whole

My soul wants to stomp hard, barefoot on the ground

Breaking Earth letting my foot slip pass the turning core

While my roots

Slide through the dust and dirt

Searching for somewhere to be

Somewhere that use to be

Feeling inside out with an unbearable nakedness

My spirit is not here,

My spirit has gone to the future

Enjoying what would have been

Flashing back to what was

I’m not here

I’ve escaped to the wind

I’ve transported myself to somewhere you all have not touched

To where colors beyond your stretch exist

Gone from all of the worries

Gone from the uncertainties

Gone from the obvious hinderances

Gone from ever being bent, used, depleted

Gone from these things to brood in my splendor

Just for me

Only me

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