poem 6

I can’t believe it’s not easy to be a part of the world

Born into a time of confusion

Lack of nutrients

Decompose back into the garden

Didn’t we all run free?

Barefoot in the middle of nowhere

Innocent dwellings on the way to the moon

I’ll hang it up there really high

As high as my hopes are

Hopes of abundant blessings that lead to where it all started

Before we knew real hunger

The land was so full

Restoration wasn’t a thought

Now, here we are

Trying so hard to make it back

Take me back to the old days

Where my soul had just begun

All the way to the end of time

That’s where my heart will run

I will not be contained

Do not put me in a box

My body will feel the pain

But my soul will not

Sprinkle my ashes in the morning

Watching the sun rise

Spend no time mourning

My love never dies

The circle of life you see

In the golden hour of up’s and downs

That’s where I will be

Making bird sounds

Listen to your heart

Hear the music of the birds

Our souls are true art

What we see are the words.




















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