Ekphrastic poem Inspired by Xavier Von Erlach “Nature is my Score”

A forsaken place

brought to creation

the kind of place that is broken

beautifully in pieces

a disaster of years worth of trying

a mannequin of music

a mirror of all the tiny fragments

configurations of how delicate the keys to this life are

the grand piano of my dreams being secluded

my heart and soul is a neglected doll

missing the palms to grasp the reality

of me being the conductor



6 thoughts on “Ekphrastic poem Inspired by Xavier Von Erlach “Nature is my Score”

  1. This style of poem seems to work so well for you. Even without listening to the song I can feel a melody in this piece. Your anaphora in the central section (a disaster/ a mannequin/a mirror ) flows naturally and links these very disparate things. It doesn’t have to make complete sense to be beautiful – loved it! You should definitely do more of this ekphrastic experimental style 🙂

  2. Life can really be like a broken piano and we might be playing the keys like mannequins. Very relatable. Glad you commented on mine; it seems like we had similar thought processes on the prompt.

    Ekphrastic; I’m also glad to learn that word. Thank you.

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