Across the Sea – Hour Sixteen

I took a trip across the sea to find a treasure, new to me
A gift of hope from years long gone, whose beauty smiles just like a song
I walked awhile, I rode some more, then found my way upon the door
Of those that took me in and stood for everything I know is good

A foreign lad, a foreign land, with hopes and dreams, parked where I stand
Would they come true for me, at last? Or would a bitter stone be cast?
Hard work is what it takes, they say, then things would surely go my way
So working hard is what I tried, each day and night, faith as my guide

A shining city on a hill, a beacon that left me fulfilled
As time went forth I gained more ground than in any place I had found
The people here were kind and wise; I was no different in their eyes
Just someone looking for their way, like other souls at end of day

Now years have passed, I am here still. I guess, perhaps, I always will
I’ve found my hope, my worth, my path, far from a wartime’s aftermath
This country has become my home; a place where I feel same to roam
Whose beauty does smile like a song and where I feel I most belong

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