I’ll Never Give Up on You

You’ve loved and lost
You’ve been broken and hurt
You’ve lived elation and doubt
You’ve seen and done it all
I know some days, you struggle
The bad outweighs the good
And you feel lost in outer space
Thinking you’re misunderstood
But, through it all, I’m always here
And here, I’ll always be
Your heart is ever kept with mine
I hold it safely near
I’ll hold it tighter when you are hurt
Or riddled by unspoken fear
Our love is forever in the making
Tis meant for all my days
And with that train of thought in mind
I’ll be here always
I’ll see you through the pain and doubt
I’ll cheer you with the highest praise
But most importantly of all
I will never give up on you
You mean to much in my life
Without you, I’m not whole
You’ve left your footprints on my heart
Etched in concrete, paved with love
So even if you’re riddled in doubt
Take this one to your grave
I’ll be here forevermore
And I’ll never leave your side
We’re in this thing together
Good or bad and right or wrong
Because through it all, we’re what matters
And that, we’ll always be

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