Lost in Literature – Hour Nineteen

“Books were safer than other people anyway.”  – Neil Gaiman

In merely a week, I have traveled the globe
Via airplane, by boat and on trains
I’ve swum with the dolphins and ridden a camel
I’ve crossed o’er England’s fertile plains
I’ve gone back in time to when dinosaurs roamed
I’ve met not one Indian, but four
I’ve learned how to sew, to knit and to cook
And how to grow plants at the shore
I’ve seen people born and I’ve watched others die
I’ve witnessed great love and heartbreak
I’ve cheered for the triumphs and cried through such pain
That I can honestly say my heart sank
A good book can do that, as it fills up the mind
With food for the soul deep within
For once you are lost, you are just as soon found
In the pages from an author’s pen
One is never so lonely, so small or so blind
Than before a good book hits his hand
For when lost in its pages, engaging his mind
Life is thereby evermore grand
For gone are the trials, the troubles abound
Cast aside for the moments or three
That within a good book his inner psyche be sound
Bathed in peace and such great sanctity

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