Ode to Joe – Hour Eleven

Joe, I love seeing you first thing every morning
You are always there to wake me with a smile
I taste you on my lips and my soul is awakened
I feel alive again
I would not ever be able to exist a day without you
Your addictive qualities keep me coming back for more
I love you and I know you love me back
Why? Because you – and only you – can make me happy first thing in the morning
Joe, I am so glad that you are mine
We’ll be together forever
’til death do us part
Because a love like ours is a love too special a bond to ever break

2 thoughts on “Ode to Joe – Hour Eleven

  1. Nice. If you took out the reference to “Joe” you would generalize the poem and make it relatable to others who share your passion for their partners (without detracting from the point that this is your Ode to Joe).
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. The poem was based off a past marathon prompt to reference coffee without mentioning coffee so, for that, Joe was appropriate. But really, it would be easily – without that prompt reference – to generalize it for the masses.

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