Show Me the Way – Hour Seventeen

When I’m feeling lost and broken and nothing is going right
I turn my eyes upon you and find comfort in your light
You’ve always been there for me when I’ve needed you more
You are my greatest asset when the wolf is at my door
I try to be there for you, but you’re stronger than I’ll be
I look to you for guidance, more than you’ll ever need me
I’m grateful that I know you, I am humbled that you care
You will always be my hero, even when you are not there
Sometimes, I may not get it and simply don’t understand
Why you will bend over backwards to lend me a helping hand
Yet, I still try not to question for I know we all need aid
The many ways you’ve shown me are debts that can’t be repaid
The sun is always brighter, the sky’s a deeper shade of blue
When life receives a blessing, such as I have found in you
For when it all seems hopeless and the future’s dark and gray
I know you are there to lead me, for you will show me the way

One thought on “Show Me the Way – Hour Seventeen

  1. It’s easy to have rhyming poems drop into simplistic cliche, but this poem really explores a meaningful relationship between two existences in a way that the narrator’s appreciation on qualities is the focus and the rhyme does not compete with or distract from this. “Yet, I still try not to question for I know we all need aid” – what a great line that is, especially after the narrator questioned why this ‘other’ continues to provide such support. We have to be willing to accept it, recognizing we all need help at times. Thoughtfully constructed, and good advice to readers – when you have this kind of source of support, appreciate it!

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